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This is the alpha version of a self-contained mini-level I designed and built in Hammer for HL2 Episode 2.
>>See Full Play-through Here<<

Floodworks is a Half Life 2 Episode 2 mod I made in my spare time. The level is basically a loop with a series of pushes that comprises a mini-arc of 3 acts. One of these days I should texture it.

Download Link: http://www.johnaraujo.net/portfolio/johnaraujoHL2level.zip


1. Unzip the [maps] and [materials] folders to your half life 2 episode 2 folder, overwriting anything if asked. Mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\myprofilename\half-life 2 episode two\ep2 (replace “myprofilename” with your steam profile name)

2. Open up Half Life 2 Episode 2, and enable the console by going to the keyboard control options, clicking “advanced” then “enable developer console”

3. Open the dev console by pressing the ‘~’ key, then type “map start_the_generator” without quotes.

*Note that you have to own Half Life 2 Episode 2 for this map to work